About Us

Old Juan's Cantina was founded on the principles of Familia, Comida, and Servicio. John "Old Juan" Verdin believed that these three principles, when combined, created a great eating experience. And if you added a margarita, it only got better! ¡SALUD! He worked hard to create a restaurant that was family-friendly, authentic, and inviting.

John opened his doors to serve Central Coast families 40 years ago, when he purchased the location of present-day Old Juan's Cantina. John incorporated many of the dishes, sauces, and from traditions brought from Guanajuato, Mexico, by his mother, Josefina. Even today, many of our newer dishes, such as the cactus splinters, are inspired from his mother and her hometown.

Today, John's legacy and the Old Juan's tradition is continued through his son and daughter, Adam and Eva, and many of the staff, some of whom have been part of the Old Juan's family for more than 20 years.

Fiestas at the Cantina

Our banquet area is ideally suited for your special occasion. Birthdays, rehearsals, graduations—we are honored to be that special place of celebration.


Old Juan's also offers catering services for our amigos looking for Old Juan's flavor in a venue of your choosing. Whether you're having a wedding, throwing a birthday party, or hosting a charity benefit, we're available to spice up the party.

Call our taco hotline at (805) 489-5680.